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About Us

With a focus on exploring the latest technologies and developing innovative ideas, We combine groundbreaking concepts with delivery of fast, stable solutions.

Who are we?

Cyberco Ltd are a UK based private limited company incorporated in England in December 1996

Formed with the objective of developing internet based autonomous applications and services that empower users with the tools they need to become more productive and organized.

Encapsulating an extensive archive of knowledge and professional contacts allows us to incorporate the very latest technologies and business intelligence into solutions – empowering our clients with the tools they need to be come more productive and organized.

Work Ethic:
Above all else we strive to always “Do the right thing” ….

Our high levels of technical knowledge and excellence position us as leaders in our profession.

Company Information:

Company Name:     Cyberco Ltd
Registered Office:   Cyberco Ltd, G9 Scope House, Weston Road,Crewe, CW1 6DD

Company No:          03294484
VAT Registration:    851 4276 28

Registered at:         Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ